Reply to Copyright Objection

Reply to Copyright Objection

Copyright Objection means, the copyright department has examined or checked your copyright application and while checking, they have reasons to object the application and ask for clarification on certain points. The copyright registry sends a letter to the applicant asking for reply.

Copyright is a legal right given by law of the country to the creators of original work for its use and trade. Copyright is just like an asset and is a form of intellectual property.

Any work that falls under categories such as literary, drama, music, artistic film recording, painting, photography, poetry, sound recording or song which is new and unique is considered original work. To save the original work from infringement or theft, the work of art must be protected. A major limitation on copyright is that copyright protects only the original expression of ideas, and not the underlying ideas themselves.

It is important to record the copyrights granted to the owners and hence copyright registration is important to provide legal claim and rights to the owners for the protection of their work.

During the process of copyright registration, there is a chance that the copyright application may be met with objections by the registrar. An objection may rise for various reasons such as if there are similarities found in the application and existence of similar work. The copyright objection may rise anytime from 30 days of the filing of copyright application.

Documents for filing reply

  • Copy of the examination report,
  • Documentary proof such as an affidavit,
  • Power of Attorney signed by the applicant. 

Advantages of filing a reply to CR objection

  • It can save the application from being rejected,
  • The copyright will be registered and will be liable of legal protection,
  • Copyright will be stronger in the market,
  • Filing a reply would mean that one has nothing to do with other infringement issues.

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