Patent search

Patent search is a search of the patent database to determine if there are any patent application similar or identical to an invention that is to be patented. Patent search can be done to improve the chances of obtaining a patent registration or to find information about new inventions that have patent protection. In this article, we look at the procedure for conducting a patents search in India.

Patents Search is an exclusive right of making, using, modifying, selling, offering for sale or importing newly invented articles or processes by its owner or inventor after going through with prescribed criteria of patent ability search . Patents Search grants ownership of 20 years. Package is also included along with it.

  • Patent database search
  • In depths Analysis of Existing inventions through comparisons with similar works 
  • Filing of Application before controller of Patent
  • Government fees (for Individual applicant)
  • Patent registration fees

Advantages of Patents Search

Monopoly advantage

Monopoly and competitive advantage help to set a monopoly of your company in the market.


After you register your patent you receive a Royalty in the market.

Sell Patent

Sell or licensed the patent right anytime.

Worldwide recognition

Worldwide recognition of patent.

Raising capital

Raising capital and creation of business.

Patents Search Process

Patent ability Search on the basis of

a) Novelty/Uniqueness
b) Non-obviousness
c) Industrially Applicable
D) Feasible to general public

Drafting of Patent Application /Specification containing

a) Provisional Specification
b) Complete Specification

Publication and Examination of Specification

Publication and Examination of Specification


Objection Proceedings to Patent Grant including Anticipation of previous application

Grant of Patent

When you fulfilled its requirement you will get the Grant Of Patent.

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