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About NBFC Marketing

Finance Marketing in India is evolving. Borrowers are looking for credit, and only 6% of the loan applications get approval from the traditional lenders. So, NBFCs have massive potential in one of the fastest growing economic country in the world.

What happens when you open an NBFC? You remain dependent on the word of mouth marketing or web aggregators for the leads. But still, a majority of borrowers are not within your reach. Marketing plays an essential role in the growth of the NBFCs.

Here at Enterslice, we have a dedicated team that can take care about your Omni-Channel Customer Acquisition Funnels. Our Knowledge of Finance domain and expertise in Marketing make us very competitive in our offerings. Our customers see a reduced cost per acquisition and better campaign management Vs. In-House Team.

Demographics Research & Targeting

It is important to research your demographics before planning and execution of any marketing campaign. Our team will:

  • Learn about your Business Model

Our Team will understand your business model. Understand who you lend to, what your Interest rates are and the risk category of borrowers you want to serve. As there are different kinds of NBFCs lending in various segments, understanding business model helps us in execution in very efficient manner.

  • Learn about ideal Persona of your customer

Our Team will learn about your ideal customer. We come up with Demographics data like age group, Annual Income, Job Titles, etc.

  • Conduct a Behavioral Analysis of your customer to find out right marketing channels

After researching the business model and persona of customers, we analyze where your customer spends time and how we can reach to them through proper marketing channels.

  • Find out right prospects for your business objectives

Over the time using data and algorithms based on your business model, we find right prospects for your business.

  • Give you audience Insights based on Business model (Based on Analytical Tools)

Based on the research we share audience insights with data like:

  1. Estimated Reach
  2. Cost Per Conversion
  3. Total Monthly Budget
  4. Revenue Forecast based on numbers of Inbound Leads

Based on the Research we shall then create NBFC Marketing Plan.

NBFC Marketing Plan

After Data gathering process is complete, the second step is to create a marketing plan based on your budget forecasts. This marketing Plan will contain funnels suggested with a breakdown of Cost per acquisition (CPA), Average Burn and Churn rate and the break-even analysis. Depending upon the business model we shall also create a digital marketing strategy, including but not limited to:

Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Our team of marketers uses white hat techniques, to rank you in major search engines for the industry standard search terms. This increases your Organic presence and number of organic leads.

Creation and Promotion of Social Media Pages

Social media pages are a great way to engage with potential clients and listen to customer feedback. Our team will create social media pages and engage with your target audience.

  • Search and Display Advertising (PPC)

The fastest way to go to market. Our team will create intuitive campaigns to acquire customer form search and display advertising.

  • Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing helps in reaching to the customers who visited your NBFC website but didn’t convert into a lead; this cost-effective strategy helps to improve Marketing ROI.

  • Content Marketing

Our Marketing Team will create compelling content to increase your organic traffic and leads.

  • Influencer Marketing

Our Team will work with influencers to build brand awareness and brand evangelism.

Our Marketing Team, based on business model creates a bulletproof PR and Marketing Strategy. That helps you to grow the brand value of your NBFC and generates an additional stream of customers for just a fraction of the cost you will pay elsewhere. From PR to Television Advertisements, we can handle all. Our Campaigns for NBFCs Include:

  • Advertisement in Newspaper of Target Demographics

Our PR strategy includes getting you features and advertisements in Newspapers of target demographics. This increases brand presence and number of inbound leads.

  • Advertisement on Radio, Television

Our PR strategy includes getting features in Radio and Television for broad coverage when you plan to scale your lending operations.

  • Advertisement on Billboards and Airlines etc.

Our PR strategy includes getting features in Billboards, Airlines, etc. for broad coverage when you plan to scale your lending operations.

Omni-Channel Advertisement and Promotions

Our Marketing team will create and manage advertisement across your chosen verticals and continue increasing your brand value and business size.

Target Cost Per Acquisition Optimization

Over the time, Enterslice Marketing team will use data and algorithms to fine-tune your marketing campaigns and lower your Cost per acquisition resulting in higher margins. 

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