How much would it cost to design and develop an app like Uber?

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A Complete Taxi Aggregator App like Uber / OLA (Your App, Your Brand)
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Basic features of UberClone

  • Our app comprises of two apps, one is for passenger to choose ride, and another is for drivers to accept the requested ride.
  • Once the ride is chosen by passenger from his/her location, the drivers nearby will get intimation through their app.
  • The ride accepted by driver will pick passenger up from his location and at the end of the ride, the passenger will pay for the ride through cash or online or wallet options.

Taxi Booking App (Customer)
Let your customers book rides with your branded white labelled iOS/ Android mobile apps

Driver App (For Driver)
Drivers can easily accept / decline ride requests in a single tap using our driver apps also the feature includes that only the one who accepts quickly shall start the ride with customer, so that the driver itself keep thier uptiming to fetch as many rides as possible.

Admin Dashboard
A single smart dashboard to manage everything at one place also you can manage Customer, drivers & vehicles tracking in real time and get all round information and stats about your bsuiness and make planning accordingly.

Deliverable components

Without going in detail into every possible aspect of app development, let’s briefly review big and general chunks of work that go into an app like Uber. Those components are:

  • Back-end development (PHP & MySQL)
  • Web development
  • App development (Android/iOS)
  • Design
  • Management and quality assurance

Start your Taxi Business
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Basic features of passenger app:

Passenger App Features showing Image
  • Register/login: in addition to mobile email and/or social media login option, accounts, credit cards, payment processing;
  • Booking interface: a screen to enter the address to call a taxi to, select a cab type (or specific driver), set a location for pickup;
  • Tracking: enable google location tracking of drivers to track driver’s live location, to make updates during or after a ride, etc. while customer get the data of driver location;
  • Price calculator:In order to get a fair idea about the actual cost of the ride and also to check the estimated cost of a ride from point A to point B with certain cab type even before ordering;
  • Payments: cashless and in-app, paid automatically via credit card, users receive an invoice to phone and email, or just plain cash;
  • Push notifications: to keep users updated on order status, estimated time of taxi arrival, and other details like car model, license plate, etc.;
  • Messaging, ratings & reviews, booking history.

User App

Basic features of driver app:

Driver App Features showing Image
  • Register/profile/status: with verification (tax number) and approval by an administrator, plus online status and schedule;
  • Booking: with options to accept or deny the incoming ride request, info on customer location and destination of a ride visible instantly, plus booking history;
  • Push notifications: for order alerts, taxi booking data (location, payment, route, customer information etc.), for order updates and/or completion;
  • Navigation: e.g. using Google Maps or Google Places to get optimal directions to a customer and to his destination, could be voiced through google Maps;
  • Cost estimation, reports, messaging, support.

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Driver App

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Technology to build an application like Uber

Programming languages for backend – Java, PHP and MySql for Database. Another crucial element to any Ola / Uber-clone app is GPS. GoogleMap and Google Location Services API are used for both iOS/Android and can be used.

To Suppport In-app payment through onlien modes various SDKs of payment gateways are used in addition Technology stack for push notifications is pretty straightforward: Google Firebase for Android, and Apple Push for iOS phones.

In conclusion you get the complete Solution in single shot to start and shine your business like Uber or Ola in just 24 Hours in addition You get the complete source code and thus you are no more dependent for any solution on any other company then your’s own.

In addition to the Deliveries you also get the trust of the brand TaxToday. We help startups in building the softwares and also guides them on launching to the market, and once the proves themselves, we also help them getting funds from angel investors to provide additional boosters to the business.

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