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  • Tinder follows a subscription-based business model (You may Prefer other model)
  • Tinder is for Dating Application (You may Application for Shopping, Jobs, Portfolio or much more)

Tinder is a social dating application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing them to chat and fix a date. It works on the logic that it captures the user’s location on the basis of which the user starts receiving the profiles of the opposite sex. The user has the option of liking or disliking a profile, if liked the other individual is notified and thus a chat is initiated between the two. This app works mainly on swiping motions, where a user swipes right for a potentially liked profile and swipes left to move to the next one.

You have to plan which features should go in the free version and which features should go in the paid version of the Tinder. If you follow Tinder, there are 3 subscriptions as of now:

Basic Version: Swipe, Superlike, Chat Modules, Location, Set Matching Preferences, Match Algorithm, Mutual Connections,

Tinder Plus: Rewind, unlimited right swipes, 5 Superlikes a day, Ad-free, Hide distance, Hide age, Control whom you see, Passport, Boost

Tinder Gold: Features of Tinder Plus + See how many people have liked you, directly from the grid auto-match, dismiss, or click into the person’s profile.

You should stay a step ahead to Tinder if you are building an app like Tinder and so, I suggest you to add new features:

  • Encounter: This feature shows the number of times the users have crossed their paths with each other.
  • Secret Chatting: When users communicate using this feature, the chats and messages only stay for a while or let’s say one session and then it expires.
  • Audio Calling: You can build an application that provides with the masking of the contact and yet allows the users to make audio calls so that if things don’t work out, none from them could annoy the other.
  • Video Calling: Such a feature in the application provides with the masking of the contact and yet allows the users to make video calls so that if things don’t work out, they can get back to their swiping and if they are fortunate enough, they can plan a way out to personal meeting.
  • Asking Out: Considering the physical proximity of the users, the platform can make recommendations about the cafes, bars, restaurants etc. This in turn can be a revenue model for the platform as they can get the places listed out in the platform for a little charge and promo codes can be availed to the date seekers once they get matched.

Features of The User Application:


Swipes are the most convenient options unlike the manual clicks for showing the likes or dislikes towards the individual or a group of people.

Super Likes

The users should be provided a separate feature to indicate that they like the individual more than normal interest

Chat Module

Once the users are matched with other individuals or group of people they should be able to chat to have the communication


The users should be able to select the regions they want to find their match in

Setting Match Parameters

Users should be able to set parameters based on which system will show them the suggestions of profiles to swipe

Match Algorithm

Match algorithm decides which profiles to show to an individual learning from the match parameters set by the user, new users signing up on the app and dislike behaviors of the user

Mutual Connections

Gives a set confidence of knowing the person more closely and makes user comfortable of knowing more by reference checks

Backend Features

User Management

For admin can see all the users on the app, their joining, membership details, profile details and perform normal operations like suspend, edit and delete

Membership Plans & Pricing Management

Admin could decide the limits of features for free users and set the access for paid members at recurring monthly, quarterly or annual fees

Notifications Content Management

Most important aspect of Tinder like social app is to keep the users stuck on the app and push notifications, email notifications and SMS notifications always do well. System needs CMS for the Admin to set the textual content for notifications dynamically

Reports & Stats

For admin and staff can have insights about app’s usage, sales on paid members, drop offs, popular, crowded regions on app and other app aspects.

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