Change In Directors

Change In Directors

Directors are key persons who manages the company. They are management of company who looks after operations and administration. The Change in Director of Company happened due to resignation of director or appointment of director. Appointment or removal of directors is done through shareholder of company. Minimum two director are required under Private Limited company and Three under Public Limited Company. Companies Act does not required any mandatory educational capabilities to appoint or remove director. Article recommends procedure for change Director of company. Only Individual can be appointed as director in company , Company must have one resident director. We can help in necessary legal filing to add or remove a director from company.

Every company requires must have a minimum number of directors/designated partners, two in the case of private, three in the case of public company, one in a case of one person company and two in the case of limited liability partnership. A company can have maximum 15 directors. (Can be increased by passing special resolution). Sometimes due to many reasons, there is a need to add or remove directors (Change in Directors) from a company.

To add a director or remove a director, first of all, directors’ Digital Signatures (DSC) is obtained and then Director’ Identification Number (DIN) is allotted to them which is mandatory to be a director in India.

Shareholders in general meeting can do a removal of Director by passing the ordinary resolution and can also be removed before the completion of their term after giving a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

Key Points:

  • Every director must apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) by prescribed form.
  • The requirement of a minimum number of directors should be complied with.
  • The director must be of minimum 18 years of age.
  • Individual Person Can be appointed as Director
  • Inform ROC within 30 days for change in director

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