On-demand Food Delivery App like Zomato or Swiggy

How to build an app like Zomato
How to build an app like Zomato?

Here we shall discuss on “On-demand Food Delivery App”, How and what features are included in the Source code Provided by LikeWebsite.in

Cost for Full System with Your Branding Code : Rs. 80,000
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The key stakeholders of On-demand Food Delivery App are:

  • The Restaurant Owners
  • The Platform Owner
  • The Delivery Professionals


  • iOS Application for Customer
  • Android Application for Customer
  • Android & iOS Delivery App for Delivery Boy
  • Web Admin for Restaurants
  • Web Based Admin for Owners

The application helps customer to explore and search for the different offerings that each restaurant and other food station has to offer around the vicinity. From there the menu of a particular restaurant is available to see the price per order or price per serving of every food.

Another important thing that the details of the restaurant like exact location, Ratings and the environment where a particular restaurant is located.

Customer Application Features


The app allows users to find restaurants based on locations and recipes, cafes, bars and pubs and explore various restaurants, dishes and favorite food in the vicinity.


Users can select food of his choice from menu using a few simple steps on the screen, select from the options (if Available), provide a place of destination, and Proceed to checkout.

Real-time Tracking of Driver

It becomes easy for users to track delivery boy and know their real-time delivery information. Users can check how much time a driver will take to reach.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your application with payment gateway and allow users to pay with credit / debit / net banking or wallet card. Make sure you provide multiple payment options to users.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow users to share their views for restaurant, food service, delivery Boy. Levels and reviews have an important part to play in developing a service as a whole.

Delivery Boy Application

Sign Up and Sign In

Drivers can sign up with simple details or via social media networks such as Gmail, Facebook, and Google+.

Update & Alert for New Order

Sound Notifications are sent to drivers on new Rides assigned, Even if the app is closed.

Manage Multiple Food Deliveries

Drivers can manage multiple food deliveries at same time and can respond to all requests close to other delivery areas.

Map to View Delivery Route

Google Map preview allows drivers to choose the shortest and fastest way to reach the shipping point.

Restaurant App Features

Profile Creation

Allow restaurant owners to register and create profile following a few simple steps and can include information like restaurant address, complete menu with price, delivery, and contact details.

Order Management

Allow owners to manage all the orders at one place, including ongoing, dispatched, pickups and scheduled ones. With just single touch on the screen, owners get 360 Degree view of the orders in Pipeline.

Menu Management

Restaurant owners can manage a complete menu of the restaurant by adding and updating the list, prices, items, today’s special dish, and minimum order amount.

Manage Promos & Deals

Restaurant businesses can create and add new discount deals and offers, rewarding their customers to get benefits on ordering food.

Real-time Tracking of Driver

Restaurant owners can track the delivery boy with his real-time location. Owners can also check the total delivery time and route that driver preferred to deliver the food.

Push Notifications

Alert or notification will notify restaurant owners about the new order, status of received or shipped orders, payment received online, and other important updates about the delivery driver and customers.

Admin Features

Managing Restaurants

Being an admin, you can manage all the restaurants by adding, updating, and removing any restaurant or cafe.

Category Management

Manage categories of all the restaurants based on the cuisine type, pricing details, delivery options, and offers to optimize business.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor all the drivers, deliveries, ratings & reviews of drivers, cancelled orders, and other important data related to driver’s performance.

Analyzing & Reporting

Get real-time insights of reports and other accounting information that help identifying the growth and opportunities to expand reach.

Commission Management

Allow owners to set commission rate and manage it directly from the panel with every single restaurants and make payments


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