Application like Byju or Toppr – How to build an Android ?

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With technology going places, the world has definitely progressed a lot and continues to excel. Everyone out there is taking advantage of technology, be it travelers, foodies, online bank users, and hence students too are not bereft of the awesomeness of technology.

Have you heard of this revolutionary learning methodology called e-Learning ? Well, it is all out there and tremendously benefiting the users, who are obviously the students. They find it really effective and convenient to prepare for various exams through engaging video lessons offered by apps. Not only are such apps cost-effective, but highly-performing as well.

How educational mobile apps or application like Toppr or Applciation Like Byju are beneficial to the students?

These apps have been there for quite some time and have successfully garnered the attention of the education tech sector and have been significantly contributing to the learning processes.

Most students today are relying on m-learning and they have all good reasons to do so, as the results have been noteworthy. Many of them succeed in clearing exams and secure admission in their preferred colleges and institutes.

Benefits of application like Toppr or Applciation Like Byju

  • The quality of courses is well-maintained and tailored in a way to meet individual requirements of the candidates.
  • Offer full-length video lectures with rich animation by top-most trainers in the nation.
  • Numerous practice tests and mock tests are offered to make students acquainted with actual exam paper.
  • Includes myriad out-of-the-box suggestions & tips, which are helpful in learning crucial concepts and developing problem-solving skill.
  • GD/PI sessions are also organized for the students to help the candidates in GD/PIs of particular colleges and institutions.
  • Every student is assigned a personal mentor who will assist them in clearing doubts.

Top features of application like Toppr or Applciation Like Byju

Covers all of the syllabus

As of now, there are myriad of successful education mobile apps all over the world, including Byju’s and many more. In these apps, the lessons are developed in such a manner that the entire syllabus gets covered within a stipulated time-frame.

Interactive visual learning

To make things easy for the students, video lessons enriched with animations are designed in a manner that even the most complicated of concepts can be easily understood by the users. Not just the video lessons are of high-quality but are also very interactive.

Chapter-wise Tests

These mobile apps feature topic-based and full-length tests, including various competitive exams mock tests. Practice-tests based on the various boards’ syllabus are also provided. At the same time, students can practice for tests as per the difficulty level which suits them most.

Complete analysis& Track Performance

It is easy for students to get the overall analysis of their regular performance as well as they can track their progress by taking up tests at regularly. This helps in planning better to improve their future performance.

In-App Chat

This feature allows students to instantly communicate with mentors the very moment they have a doubt in any of the lessons. It is an effective feature which makes things easy for the students as well as their mentors.

Adaptive learning

These lessons are tailor-made to meet the needs of every student. The teaching style is very adaptive as well as very much interactive. This is what makes such apps effective in learning.

Role-Based Dashboard

The essential concept of the role-based dashboard is it will show tasks and privileges particular to the user and help him/her in taking appropriate action. As well as, this apps, when desired, can also restrict the content of information specific to their individual role.

Third-party integration

There are several third-party integrations which help in accomplishing a number of tasks such as making calls, sending emails, to handle queries and a lot more.

Logistics Dashboard

A customized dashboard is created for logistics team so that they can easily filter orders as per date and shipping providers. Also, they can have access to the full analytical report.

Application like Toppr / Byju :  Student Panel Features

  • Registration – Users have to offer required details in order to log-in to this system
  • Log-in: Users can log-in to the system using the log-in credentials, email ID or via social media credentials.
  • Forgot Password: Reset Password or generate a new password (in case forgot) using your email ID or phone number.
  • Browse all courses: List of all latest courses is displayed in this section in a chronological manner.
  • Profile Manager: Manage the user profile by filling up these details.
    • Email
    • Password
    • Profile Pic
    • Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Account Detail
    • School, Class etc.
  • Search Courses:
    • By Keyword: User need to type a particular keyword in the search box to get the right result from the list of courses.
    • By Category: List of courses in any chosen category will be displayed
  • View Details of Courses: By clicking on any course, the user can view more details about a course, such as
    • Number of lessons plus an option to purchase each lesson
    • Description of course and lesson
    • Price for each lesson
    • Price for the entire course
  • Purchase course/Study materials: User will be able to add any pdf, session to cart and can pay for them in order to purchase
  • Payment Mode: Credit, Debit, Net banking, Wallet
  • Download or Read online: Few courses/lessons which user has purchased will give user option to download them or they can also prefer to read online, as desired by them.
  • Live Chat – Student will be able to communicate with the tutor through this system.
  • Cancel Subscription – User will be able to cancel any Subscription and ask for a refund
  • View Purchase History: Here the user can go through his/her purchase history:
    • Item Name
    • Purchase Date
    • Price
  • Attend Test – Users can attend tests to sharpen their skills and gain a better experience at handling pressure situations.
  • Track Shipment – Subscriber can track shipment for ordered study material

application like Byju / Toppr : Admin Panel Features

  • Manage Themes: Admin will be able to manage themes which front-end user can choose so that look and feel of the user account can be changed.
    • Add
    • Delete
    • Activate
    • Deactivate
  • Manage Courses: Admin will be able to view all the courses added by a tutor.
    • View
    • Search
    • Filters
    • Choose Category
    • Name of Course
    • Description
    • Topic name
    • Description of Topic
    • Price for a topic
    • Time slot for teaching
    • Choose cancellation policy
  • Manage Subscription: Admin can manage subscriptions users want to buy.
    • Add
    • Name of Package
    • Price
    • Description
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Activate
    • Deactivate
  • Manage Users: Admin will be able to view details of all the subscribed users and users who are associated with that subscribed user.
    • View
    • Search
    • Filters
    • Add
    • Delete
    • Activate
    • Deactivate
  • Statistics: Admin will be able to view following stats:
    • Number of courses, sessions
    • Number of Users/Student
    • Payments
    • Top Performing Courses
  • Content Manager: Admin will be able to manage website content.
    • Add/upload
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Activate
    • Deactivate
    • Content pages
  • Transaction History: Admin will be able to view payment made by each user and once admin gets payment from the user, user’s account will be activated.
  • Track Orders: Admin can track all the orders made by students for study packages and study materials.
  • Shipping: Admin will be able to track all the shipments and delivery status
  • Ticketing: Integrated Ticketing automation tool for providing solutions seamlessly
  • CRM: Integrated CRM platform for better customer services, customer engagement
  • IVRS: Company’s communications system allows callers to interact over the telephone.

Website ScreenShots : Application like Toppr or Applciation Like Byju

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